No more Dont Poke Me

February 16, 2011

Everyone including me hated this Blog name…

Thank you Courtney!

Here is my new blog address.

I will transfer all my past blogs…

For all of you that asked for a http/ list..I emailed it and posted it on WordPress.

Please make the change on your subscribe tab…

Thanks to all of my Peeps….


Nothing Better than a NEW site to surf.

Maybe it’s just me…But, when I am looking for the perfect gift, so original..and fun. This is where I go.

 This is the type of site I could spend hours on. I love Etsy too. I have my finds for sale on there.

Now Bonanza..This was originally 1000 Markets. Bonanza purchased it to make it one fun site..

I am all about the “One of a Kind”…

Go for it…

No more flat hair

February 11, 2011

This is great..

The gal that owns the salon I get my hair done at has developed a product that has become the rage!

I was very sceptical up front but then, when they sprinkled it on my head..WOW. You really can’t believe it…

When she says a little goes along way…It will last you a long time. Less is more.

This is great for woman and men…A must try!

You can purchase it at Perfection Hair in Plymouth or…….

Go to her website.

Almost done

February 10, 2011


Just finishing up on My” Etsy” site…

I designed this necklace in 2009. It has been my baby for 2 years.

 Tweaking, adding,revising, and just making it better.

My add-ons/charms are designed with the fashion trends,colors, and the latest finds to keep it “new”

I am adding new designs daily..Just trying to keep up with your requests.

When you check my site…I am hoping you can get an idea of the”Change It Up’ Necklace.

Many charms have sold out at this time..But, I will continue to add as I finish them..

Enjoy and please share with your friends!!!

Keep watching..Soo much more coming..

Thank you all for your patience..

This is a great statement piece.

I am doing home parties with great perks for the Host/Hostess..

I have 40+charms to add on.  I change mine everyday!