Fun way to shop…

February 19, 2011

Fun way to shop….


No more Dont Poke Me

February 16, 2011

Everyone including me hated this Blog name…

Thank you Courtney!

Here is my new blog address.

I will transfer all my past blogs…

For all of you that asked for a http/ list..I emailed it and posted it on WordPress.

Please make the change on your subscribe tab…

Thanks to all of my Peeps….

Valentines Day is coming

February 8, 2011

Valentines Day is coming.

Awsome Jewelry

February 5, 2011

Check out todays deal on Eziba.

I am in love with this jewelry..The prices are great..

Check it out. The shipping is always 2.95 on everything even furniture..

Valentines Day is coming

January 31, 2011

This site is like going to Vegas..There is a chance your bid could win!

I was the only bidder on a piece therefore,  paid next to nothing for it..Jackpot.

There are so many items way below cost.

Her ya go…Check it out!