Fun way to shop…

February 19, 2011

Fun way to shop….



February 15, 2011

Another spanking new site for great savings.

Often free shipping is offered too..

I love the name!

Try it out!

Healthy or not?

February 14, 2011

I have been receiving this newsletter for years.

It is filled with great info..Some of the statistics are not fun to hear. Good example…The salad I had at a restaurant last week was more Calories and fat than a Burger?? Damn..Should have had the burger..

They have cookbooks now too..

Nothing Better than a NEW site to surf.

Maybe it’s just me…But, when I am looking for the perfect gift, so original..and fun. This is where I go.

 This is the type of site I could spend hours on. I love Etsy too. I have my finds for sale on there.

Now Bonanza..This was originally 1000 Markets. Bonanza purchased it to make it one fun site..

I am all about the “One of a Kind”…

Go for it…

Instant Results

February 12, 2011


Being middle-age…Always looking for the next new way to look younger..

I can now say I found the fix…

If I could marinate in this stuff I would. 

 It happens before your eyes..In less than 10 minutes. I am not kidding..

I admit I saw this on Rachel Ray’s show and then on the Today Show…

When I finally purchased it 3 weeks later…Love it!

This jar will last me forever..You only need a dot for each area…

Rachel Ray

On there website it is $60..I bought it through Amazon for much less.  for great info..

Check amazon to purchase.

No more flat hair

February 11, 2011

This is great..

The gal that owns the salon I get my hair done at has developed a product that has become the rage!

I was very sceptical up front but then, when they sprinkled it on my head..WOW. You really can’t believe it…

When she says a little goes along way…It will last you a long time. Less is more.

This is great for woman and men…A must try!

You can purchase it at Perfection Hair in Plymouth or…….

Go to her website.