No more Dont Poke Me

February 16, 2011

Everyone including me hated this Blog name…

Thank you Courtney!

Here is my new blog address.

I will transfer all my past blogs…

For all of you that asked for a http/ list..I emailed it and posted it on WordPress.

Please make the change on your subscribe tab…

Thanks to all of my Peeps….



February 15, 2011

Another spanking new site for great savings.

Often free shipping is offered too..

I love the name!

Try it out!

Healthy or not?

February 14, 2011

I have been receiving this newsletter for years.

It is filled with great info..Some of the statistics are not fun to hear. Good example…The salad I had at a restaurant last week was more Calories and fat than a Burger?? Damn..Should have had the burger..

They have cookbooks now too..

Nothing Better than a NEW site to surf.

Get all dolled up!  I can’t believe it….

Read about it on this website!

Bacon Pancake Cookie

February 8, 2011

You still have time…Go to this Website and check out the cookie’s…

I have tried these..Order them now for Valentines Day..Or for a fun party.

The buzz will go on & on.  A huge hit.



January 30, 2011

This site is similar to the other daily deal sites but, offers very unique deals.

It’s fun to check out just to see what on earth is out there…